Book summary — Show Your Work (by Austin Kleon)

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A quick snippet of the book

Show Your Work is a manuscript of curated thoughts on how to literally “SHOW YOUR WORK” to the whole world by manifesting all the available resources that are at your fingertips, especially in this era of digital creativity. This book is a little bit different from the typical self-help or non-fiction books that you come across every other day. The author, Austin Kleon presents his thoughts not only in words, but also through full page illustrations which you will come across quite frequently as you flip through the pages. This makes the book aesthetically pleasing and keeps the readers on edge.

Who should read it?

I think, everyone should read it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner at something, or, a professional artist, this book is curated for every person who is willing to take their creative genes out in the open.

Even if you consider yourself not interested in creativity our putting yourself out there, you should still read this because it might open up some closed doors in your mind and present you with numerous concealed possibilities that you never knew existed.

My personal takeout

I never wanted to write any book reviews on my blog, but here I am, trying to weave words into a story for you to get motivated and give this book a read. So, now you might get a slight idea of why I am talking sunshine and roses about the book.



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