My story of starting a blog

I have been an avid reader right from my childhood. Books meant a lot to me. I still remember when my uncle got me my first book of Tintin which sort of hooked me up with reading. Eventually, this was followed by Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Enid Blyton and ton of others.

During all those years, although internet was a thing, I never had access to this mesmerizing string of world wide web. When I got my hands on the internet, I would spend hours looking at and downloading tons of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings images from google. That was a happy and fun time.

When I started exploring more, I noticed that the google images were clickable links, and one of those links led me to a literary piece on Harry Potter. Back then, I didn’t realize that I was looking through a blog. As time went by, I came across a lot of such writings on the internet where I would spend my time reading. Gradually, I came to know about this putting your thoughts on the internet where everyone can read them is called blogging.

Well, it was in University when I created my first personal website which had a blogging feature in-built. That’s when I started writing on the internet. Then I found this amazing community on Medium and I shifted my pieces here and started over again.

I think I’m improving with every piece I write and I am glad that I didn’t pick a particular genre because, that gives me an open radar to explore everything that I want.

PS, if you want to built a habit, pick up a book that you like or put your thoughts on paper/journal/blogs. You won’t regret it at all.

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